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Glam It Up: 3 Dazzling Makeup Concepts for Your Galentine's Costume Party Using Must-Have Sephora Beauty Picks!​

Hey gorgeous gals, Galentine's Day is peeking around the corner, and we're all about making this year's celebration extra special with your besties! Wondering how to make it memorable? Look no further! Here are three fabulous tips for the theme and product suggestions, all paired with the fantastic offerings from Sephora.

01 "Spring Whispers"

As the gentle breeze caressed the surroundings, the soft morning light filtered through the window, casting a warm glow. The fragrance of unfamiliar blossoms lingered in the air, their secrets unfolding with each breath. These were the hushed whispers of spring.

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 2.01.57 AM.png

The "spring whisper" story told by Sephora, featuring a stunning palette of greens and pinks—think mint, light green, and peachy pink. Check out this Urban Decay eyeshadow collection, specifically the lime green shimmer shade. Applying it feels like sipping on a zesty lime soda with a splash of freshly squeezed lemon, bringing a burst of freshness to your look.

You will definitely use this NARS lipstick [dusty rose]-a masterpiece destined to grace your look with a tender kiss. The perfect balance of pink, coupled with its velvety matte texture, imparts a subtle softness, casting a spell of elegance upon your look. 

"Vintage Glow" 02

Channel your inner Madonna with the dramatic eye looks that defined the 80s. Embrace vibrant eyeshadows in neon hues like electric blues, pinks, and purples. Don't forget to amp up the drama with bold, exaggerated eyeliner, giving a nod to the rebellious spirit of the era.

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 12.50.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 1.32.09 AM.png

Ladies, buckle up for a wild ride with the Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow – the secret weapon to catapult your party look to legendary heights! I'm urging you to rock the cowgirl chic vibes paired with this product, transporting you straight to the 80s ranch scene. Trust me, it's the ultimate combo that'll set the dance floor ablaze!

03 "Meme Challenge" 

screen-shot-2018-10-01-at-12-19-07-pm-1538410758 (1).png

Get ready to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of our Meme party, where outrageousness is the dress code, and mirth is the currency!

Remember this gold/white and blue/black. Whichever combination you see, everyone will know exactly what meme you're going for with this DIY costume idea.

Locks are the unsung heroes of the meme party—imagine your flawless costume paired with unruly hair, it's a no-go! Enter the scene with Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Hair Mask, the secret weapon for a radiant mane that perfectly complements your role. Ensure your hair steals the spotlight and stays on point throughout the revelry!

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 1.27.56 AM.png
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