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It Takes 24 Months for A Pineapple to Ripen, So Does rhode.

#Ripe is Not About Age

Do you ever sense that regardless of your age, the weight of time remains a constant presence? In the early stages of life, there's a feeling of lacking control, with the relentless pace of change steering the course. Yet, with the passage of time and a touch of maturity, the focal points intensify – relationships and personal development emerging as prominent imprints on the canvas of memory.


Just as it takes 18-32 months for a pineapple to ripen, each person has their own pace of maturing. "Ripe" is not solely about age; it's about fostering an uplifting attitude towards life.

Rohde is here to be your companion, nurturing your skin and growing with you on this journey.


June: The 24-month-Journey for rhode 


In June, we celebrate rhode's 24th-month anniversary, and we are thrilled to embark on the journey towards a more mature stage with the backing of our valued customers.

In the season of summer, synonymous with growth and acquisition, our chosen theme is "Ripe." This theme aims to convey the message that rhode is poised to confront any challenges alongside you.

Your Four Daily Companions to “Face” the challenges

The Pineapple refresh is the first step in your rhode routine.



Lather, rinse, refresh. Glow.

Enjoy a refreshing balm-to-lather daily cleanser formulated with polyglutamic acid (aka PGA), green tea extract, and pineapple enzyme to leave your skin clean, soft, and bouncy post-rinse. 


Let the ripened, glossy color of raspberry melt onto your lips. Use the peptide lip tints, and you would feel the kiss from the summer.

The peptide lip treatment is our secret to keep your lips hydrated.



Try it out and feel the strength of  ripen in a bold and overt manner.


Growing up sometimes feels like soaking in borderless waters.

Look up, don’t look back. Check out the peptide glazing fluid, only at

* This page have no affiliation with the brand or product. It is for a class project

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