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NIO Summer, one of NIO's important communication IP, is the annual community “ripple” event and a summer carnival for NIO users.

NIO Summer

Every summer, NIO will host a series of events in different cities, turning on the fun with different experiences and surprises. In NIO Summer, users will share joy and grow together to write down their own summer memories.


Communication Highlight

Strengthen the communication of the "Growing Together" message

Brand Tone

Show the outdoor joyful lifestyle with NIO

Brand Image

Establish NIO Summer as a global brand event, NIO as an international brand 


Offline Interaction 

Picture1 copy.png
In this year's NIO Summer, we distribute Summer Passports to NIO users who bring new friends or newly joined members to strengthen their understanding of NIO community and enhance ripple effect.
NIO House
NIO Space
Users can earn corresponding stamps by participating in different activities
NIO points
NIO Life's surprise summer gifts

Social Media Comm


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