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the Game

Escape the Haunted House

Step into a world of mystery and magic with this exciting game featuring a haunted house and wizardry theme. The player will need to use their wits to carefully navigate through the game board to find the exit. However, be warned - this task will not be a walk in the park. Players could encounter several obstacles on the path, including spooky ghosts, creepy spiders, and a devious witch who might try to trick them into giving up their partner's life. Players could also discover helpful tools like the "Portals" to help them out. In sum, this is a game with an unforgettable adventure filled with twists and turns!

The Game Rule


Design the 

Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 10.05.04 AM.png

After brainstorming a variety of ideas, including a Kentucky Derby race and kingdom-themed escape room, our team decided to make a game about escaping a haunted house. We wanted a bit of luck and some twists to our game, so we were excited to incorporate the idea of fate cards, which would control the player’s exit and successful finish of the game. In addition, we thought it’d be interesting to incorporate direction cards so that players can have more initiatives. We then decided to make the board a square and allow for more versatility with player's movement. Besides, we tried to have more of a companionship aspect to the game by making each player have 2 pieces (player + best friend) and having the fate card that could lead to sacrifice. This way, the game would have more of a thematic/narrative aspect. The very first design of the game starts with the character “witch”, and we decided to make the game with “black and white, and one color” style.

The Game

The Portal
10 point.png
The Point
Game Board
Witch Card
Light Card
Trap Card
Direction Card

Players' Feedbacks
after Playtesting

Professor Khor

“The movement mechanic felt GREAT - it was easy to grasp, easy to explain, felt good to play using the cards, and you marked the board very well. It felt like the right amount of randomization in early game!"


"It's so smart to have the Fate Card! I felt bad to sacrifice my besties but I did want to escape the board as soon as possible."


 "The core of the game felt really good, the art was really delightful, and I really like the card feel!"
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